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We regret to announce to all In2Home customers that as of 23:59 on the 31st of March 2002 the In2Home service will cease to operate.


At THUS, formerly ScottishTelecom, we are constantly reviewing the services we offer to all of our customers to ensure we are supplying them the most suitable options. Over the past few years the Internet industry has witnessed some key changes, in some of which THUS has taken an active role. Over the same period we have seen our customer focus change towards serving customers looking for a premium internet service, rather than the mass market free subscription model. This has led us to make a difficult decision that will directly affect the Internet service you currently enjoy with us.

Due to this shift in focus within THUS, we feel that we are no longer able to support the In2Home service to the standard we believe is acceptable to customers. As a result THUS will be withdrawing this service and this constitutes a formal, written notice to bring the In2Home contract to an end. trading platform software


You will no longer be able to use the In2Home service. This means that your in2home.co.uk email service will cease to work and you will not be able to send or receive emails. This will apply to your services from 23:59 on the 31st of March 2002. We therefore suggest that you notify all your contacts of this, and supply a new email address before this date.


Should you wish to continue accessing the World Wide Web and to send and receive email, you will need to register with another Internet Service Provider. Here at THUS we are able to offer you via Demon Internet, Demon Premier Connect, a premier dial-up access package for home and business users.

Demon Premier Connect provides you with the following features:

  • Standard dial-up Internet access
  • 20MB Web space
  • Unlimited email
  • 2 Real audio/video streams
  • Electronic fax
  • 24 hour technical support by phone

Should you choose to sign up for Demon Premier Connect we are pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive two months free access to enable you to try our service.*

The link will work with all modern web browsers capable of "SSL" secure transactions. Users of old browsers can quote offer code "I2HMG0" to the staff on the sales number below. real time trading platform

To find out more about other Internet access products from Demon please click here http://www.demon.net/products/access.

If you would prefer to continue with a subscription-free Internet access service we at THUS recommend the BBC's freebeeb access service. You can sign up at http://signup.beeb.net/BeebSignup.asp.


If you would like more information regarding the closure of this service please call 0800 027 0767.

If you would like to speak to someone about other Demon products and services please call 0800 027 0581 or visit www.demon.net.

* At the end of your two-month trial you will automatically start receiving monthly bills unless you advise us that you no longer wish to continue with the Demon Premier Connect service. Monthly charge at £11.75 inc VAT.

* Please note the two free months subscription is applicable only to Demon's Premier Connect service.

Any queries email: info@in2home.co.uk